The Powerful All-in-One Marketing and Sales Platform ‘Kinesto’ Launches Today

My Guy Solutions, LLC has announced the launch of Kinesto (, everything you need to run a business in a powerful all-in-one platform.  With Kinesto you have the tools you need to track prospects, close deals, track issues and generate customized reports. No need to sync up as an organization because everything is available from a single tool. 

"Kinesto is defined by its ease of use amongst users to quickly connect with leads and prospects, making it an exceptional fit for any business looking to connect with their audience," said Gino Gard, President and CEO, Kinesto. "We didn't just create a CRM — we created a full suite of tools to give your customers the best experience possible working with you."

Kinesto includes:

  • Our customer relationship management (CRM) which allows you to track companies or contacts.
  • Opportunity management to decide how much a deal is worth and if you “won it” or “lost it”
  • Powerful communication tools which allow you to contact your audience using SMS text messaging or email.
  • Social media tools to Draft, schedule, queue and post messages to Twitter and Facebook (Personal, Pages, Events & Groups) from one window.
  • Support management tools to quickly assign tickets to the proper departments or staff to solve issues quickly.
  • RSS Reader allowing you to stay on top of all your industry news.
  • Website management allowing your business to have a professional website for users to find and contact you.
  • Create powerful workflow rules to automate your business.
  • With simple drag and drop tools you can quickly customize Kinesto to work for you.

“Kinesto has powerful communication tools such as SMS marketing campaigns and email marketing campaigns that allow you to stay in contact with your clients and help attract new ones,” said Jennifer Gard, COO, Kinesto.  “Having the ability to also schedule social media posts you can maintain an active presence by queuing content ahead of time. You manage multiple accounts from one location to minimize your effort for maximum social media results.”

About Kinesto

Kinesto is a powerful CRM, SMS text messaging, ticketing and social media management platform. Quickly track prospects, close deals and generate customized reports using the power of integration that allows our CRM, Communication, Support, Social Media and Website management tools to provide customization that no other tool can match. Send messages directly to your contacts using either email or SMS text messaging. Define a campaign to run at a desired interval or distribute a one time message.

To learn more, visit

Gino Gard
Phone: 877-480-1220

Favicon 2.0: Create a Custom Apple iPhone/iPad/iPod Icon For Your Web Site

With the Apple Tablet the iPad arriving it is time to finally learn how to give your web site an icon for Apple touch devices. Have you visited a website on an iPhone or iPod touch and attempted to tap Add to Home Screen only to be disappointed by the results? Years ago the favicon.ico was only found on a few select websites, but today they can be found just about everywhere. The apple-touch-icon rel link attribute has become Favicon 2.0 in today’s web.

This time stay ahead of the curve and learn how to add an icon for your website to an Apple touch device.

By default instead of getting a nice shiny icon, the iPhone will shrink down the homepage of that site and save the capture as the webclip. It is surprisingly simple to create a custom Apple touch icon for your website in two quick steps.

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How To Create a Custom 404 File Not Found Page

One major design element often overlooked by web developers is their 404 File Not Found error page. Most our focus gets lost on CSS and XHTML validation that we often overlook what happens when something goes wrong. Even these pages should be styled with the individual touches of the website. Effective 404 error pages communicate why a particular page couldn’t be displayed and what users can do next.

Who wants their users to see the dreaded default 404 page:

Creating your own custom 404 File Not Found Page can be done in three simple steps by creating or modifying the .htaccess file of the directory and placing a 404.html file in the same directory.

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