Shopify Unofficial WordPress Plugin




This WordPress Plugin is a great tool to convert your WordPress blog into a fully functioning marketplace! The Shopify Unofficial WP Plugin is perfect for displaying your products from your Shopify store and also supports the original shortcodes of the now defunct official Shopify app.

“The ability to add Shopify products and collections to all three of my WP blogs is essential to monetizing all of the content that I create with my readers. Relevant product options with great content is the key to WordPress blogging success. I was so dismayed when Shopify discontinued this product and when I asked my developer to help me with all of the short codes that were left behind he really outdid himself with this plugin. It worked right away and has been stable for many months. Sales are always very good when we post new content and I am sure the WP and Shopify plugins are the reason.” – Judy Doherty, BS, PC II, President, Food and Health Communications, Inc.

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